Gracie Grey

Professional Girlfriend

Get to know me...

I have a friendly, warm disposition, an open mind, a love of sex, and an adventurous nature. 

Let’s explore each other and create an experience that you can replay over and over in your mind for weeks to come!

The Physical

A dancer for most my life; my legs are long, my body flexible and lean, I move with a seductive grace into positions you didn’t think possible. My love of the outdoors and all my physical hobbies ensures that I’m fit, healthy, and always have a bundle of energy to share with you. I know my body and I know how to use it. I love both receiving and giving and you’ll find me oh so receptive to your touch. I excite easily.

The Mind

As vital as a physical attraction is, to have a mental connection adds extraordinarily to the total experience. I am well traveled, in my thirties, university educated, and have a zest for life that has led me to have abundant interesting experiences. We will never be short on conversation. My quick wit and expert banter will be sure to have you comfortable and at ease in no time.

The Genuine Lover

I genuinely love learning about and spending time with the Gentlemen I meet. Men seem to not have much time for themselves these days so I am honored when I am chosen as the one this precious time is spent with. You will have my full and undivided attention.

The Couples Playmate

Have I mentioned I love playing with women? If you and your partner are looking for a threesome, I will be ever so keen to join.

The Girl that kisses girls

Let me not forget…
If you are after an extra special experience, I would be delighted to bring along my stunning girlfriend (or two) for an unparalleled ménage a trois. We love having the chance to play with each other!

Craving a little more?

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If you can’t wait to see more, may I suggest my OnlyFans? You can get to know me and enjoy my naughty photos and videos getting you all the more excited for our date. Mention that you found me through my website for a cheeky extra video.